Today is National HIV Testing Day — Know Your Status!

What is my status? If you don’t know your HIV status and you’ve had unprotected sex, get tested! And what better day to get an HIV test than today, June 27, 2014, which is National HIV Testing Day.

There are many options you can choose from when you get an HIV test. You can go to your doctor, although HIV testing results become part of your medical record and your insurance company has access to that information. You can get a free HIV test, although there are government requirements to report your name and birth date — and they will ask for identification.

The other option for HIV tests is to use an online HIV testing service. While these services are usually private and confidential, they are not anonymous. However, you can get a completely anonymous HIV test by following the step-by-step instructions in our FREE Guide to Anonymous STD Testing. We’ve also researched and tested the test centers and have recommendations for your based on the kind of HIV test you want to have.

If you don’t know your HIV status, get tested! Do it today, on National HIV Testing Day.

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