Anonymous STD Notification

Anonymous Notification

It’s important that you notify you recent sexual partners that they might have been exposed to a sexually-transmitted disease so they can get tested and get treatment, too.

Our anonymous partner notification tool enables you to send an email or a text message to your recent partners advising them that they might have been exposed to an STD. The message comes from this website and nobody will know that you sent the message. Read our article about the service to find out exactly what the message to your partner will say.

To send a notification message, please complete the form below. Provide an email address to send an email message or a mobile phone number to send a text message. You can optionally include the person’s first name, which might lend credibility to the message, and the STDs for which you tested positive. Click Send to send the message.

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Partner's First Name: (optional)
Please choose the diseases below that your partner might have been exposed to. If you don't check any items, your partner will receive a general message about being exposed to an STD, but the message won't say which STD.
Human Papillomavirus

NOTE: The recipient will receive exactly one message from us. We don't save your partner's contact information.