New Ocular Syphilis Infection Causes Blindness

Ocular Syphilis

Ocular Syphilis

Health care officials are concerned about recent cases of ocular syphilis, a sexually-transmitted disease that can make you blind. In early 2015, cases of ocular syphilis were reported in San Francisco, Seattle and other west coast cities.


Ocular Syphilis

Ocular syphilis is usually a complication of primary or secondary syphilis. The symptoms include eye pain, blurry vision and seeing spots. Eye doctors and eye-care providers have been asked to be on the lookout for the disease with their patients.

Syphilis is a curable disease, but it’s a disease that many people don’t know they have. It can lie dormant for years and, if left untreated, can cause significant damage, such as blindness or death.

High Risk Group

All of the cases of ocular syphilis reported so far have been among men who have sex with other men. This group makes up the majority of new syphilis cases reported. Every man who has sex with other men is at risk of contracting syphilis and should be tested regularly.

Anonymous Syphilis Test

The only way to know if you have syphilis is to get tested. Don’t let the embarrassment of having your test results exposed prevent you from getting a syphilis test and getting treatment for syphilis. Follow the instructions in our free guide to get an anonymous syphilis test and get the treatment you need to stop the disease immediately.

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