Anonymous Partner Notification Service

Anonymous Partner Notification

Anonymous Partner Notification

When you follow the steps in our guide to anonymous STD testing, you are the only person who knows that you had an STD test and the results of the test. This means that the health department doesn’t follow up with you to try and get you to disclose the names and phone numbers of your most recent sexual partners.

However, you have a responsibility to notify your recent sexual partners so they can get tested and get treatment, too. To make this easier, we’ve just introduced a new Anonymous Partner Notification Service tool. You can enter either an email address to send an email or a mobile phone number to send a text message, and your partner will receive an anonymous message from this website. Nobody will know you sent the message. But your partner will be advised to get tested and will have access to the same resources and guide to anonymous testing that you had.

We strongly encourage you to use the tool and notify your recent sexual partners. It helps them and it helps stop the spread of the disease.

Here’s the email message that will be sent to your partner:

A recent sexual partner wants to advise you that you might have been exposed to a sexually-transmitted disease. This is an anonymous notification email from the website

We encourage you to get tested and to get treatment if you’ve been infected. It’s important to realize that many people who have a sexually-transmitted disease don’t ever experience any symptoms until the disease does irreparable harm to their bodies.

Your partner who sent this message took steps to protect his or her identity by following the instructions in our free guide to anonymous STD testing. If you don’t follow these steps and you test positive for an STD, your name, birth date and other information must be reported to health department, and the health department will contact you by phone or visit you at home — unannounced — and ask you to provide the names and phone numbers of your most recent sexual partners.

If you have an STD, every day you wait to get treatment jeopardizes your health. For more information about STDs and how to get an anonymous STD test and treatment, please visit our website at

This is the only email message you will receive from us. We did not save your contact information.


Here’s the text message:

A recent sex partner tested positive for an STD and wants you to get tested. Visit for more information.

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One comment on “Anonymous Partner Notification Service
  1. partner with std says:

    An anonymous way to notify a partner with an std is a great idea. Good that you provide that service. Nobody wants to make that call, right?

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