Anonymous STD Notification Message

Anonymous STD Testing

You received a message from this site because a recent sexual partner tested positive for a sexually-transmitted disease and wanted you to know so you can get tested, too.

Who Sent The Message?

There’s no way to find out who sent you this message because this is an anonymous notification service.

Wouldn’t I Know If I Had an STD?

No. Many people with a sexually-transmitted disease don’t know they have it and don’t experience any symptoms from the disease until it causes serious complications. The only way to know for certain if you have an STD is to get tested.

Will My STD Test Be Anonymous?

No. In the United States, the name, birth date, address and other personal information of anyone who tests positive for an STD must be sent to the health department. Since doctors and laboratories are required by law to do this, they don’t have to tell you they’re notifying the authorities.

How Can I Get an Anonymous STD Test?

You must take extra steps to protect your identity so that your personal information is not associated with your STD test and there’s no record that you had a test. The person who notified you followed the steps in our Guide to Anonymous STD Testing to get an anonymous STD test and to get treatment from a doctor over the phone.

Do You Store My Personal Information?

No. We did not save your email address or phone number and we don’t save copies of email or text messages we send from our website. We don’t want to know who you are and we don’t try to find out who you are. But we do care, and we want you to get tested and get treatment if your test results are positive.

What If I Test Positive for an STD?

The good news about some STDs, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichominoasis is that they can be easily cured with antibiotics if you detect them early. When you follow the instructions in our guide and your test results are positive, you can speak to a doctor who might be able to prescribe antibiotics to you over the phone.

If you test positive for an STD, we strongly encourage you to use our anonymous partner notification tool to notify your recent sexual partners. Each person will receive the same message you received, encouraging him or her to get an STD test. Since the health department won’t be involved, it’s your responsibility to notify your partners and stop the disease from spreading further.

What Happens If I Wait?

If you have an STD, each day you wait to get treatment makes the treatment potentially more complicated and invasive and gives the disease more time to inflict permanent damage on your body. There’s not a single good reason to wait to get tested and get treatment.

How Can I Find Out More About STDs?

Please click the links on our website to browse basic educational information on the most common sexually-transmitted diseases. Our articles include links to other resources, such as those provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.