Fake STD Report Hits Social Media

Fake STD Fax ReportFake STD Report of Names and Diseases for Baton Rouge

The Washington Department of Health and Hospitals declared an STD fax list published on Social Media to be a fake. The fake STD report purported to be a fax report from the Leo S. Butler Community Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to the Washington DHH. It contained 43 names and the supposed STDs for which each person had tested positive. DHH officials immediately knew the list was a fake because, according to the department, an STD report would never be sent via fax. The form itself had other errors, such as an outdated logo for DHH and incorrect codes in the form’s content. The director of the community center doesn’t know why that particular center was targeted to be the source of the hoax.

Reporting Requirement Exists in Every State

In Louisiana, and in every other state, all doctors, clinics and laboratories must report the name, Social Security Number, address and other personal information for each person who tests positive for a sexually-transmitted disease to the state health department. Because it’s required by law, your doctor, clinic or laboratory doesn’t have to inform you that your information is being sent to the health department. Once the health department receives the information, it assigns each case to a specialist who attempts to contact the person with the STD to ascertain his recent sexual partners so they can be notified that they should get tested. In many states, the health department will call you or will even come to your home unannounced and ring the doorbell to inquire about your most recent sexual partners.

Hoaxes Might Deter People From Getting Tested

According to DHH, none of the names on the list match a person who has been reported to the state health department as having an STD. However, the department worries that a hoax like this might discourage people from getting tested for sexually-transmitted diseases. DHH is investigating the fake STD report and will determine what legal action to take against the person who published it once they track down the source.

How to Get an Anonymous STD Test and Notify Your Partners Anonymously

If you need to protect your identity and have an anonymous STD test, you can follow the instructions in our free guide to anonymous STD tests. You can get an anonymous test, get anonymous treatment for many STDs and erase all evidence that you ever had a test to begin with. We also provide an anonymous partner notification service tool. You can send an anonymous text message or email from this website informing a partner that she might have been exposed to an STD. Nobody will know the message came from you, and you have a responsibility to notify your partners if you get an anonymous test.


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